20 Places I want to travel in 2020!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season and a great New Year’s Eve! I don’t know about you, but I felt like the past few weeks flew by. Anyways, my favorite thing to do is travel, so I put together a list of 20 places that I want to travel in 2020! (& these are in no particular order)

  1. Paris, France


I am completely in love with Paris, the culture, the food, the people, the shopping. EVERYTHING.  I normally like to try new places, but I feel that Paris has so much and every area is so different that you can never run out of things to see and do.

2. Venice, Italy


Venice has always been on my bucket list and unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to  go when I was in Italy last year. We went to the Amalfi Coast, which was my absolute favorite, and Rome. The food (& gelato) is absolutely amazing.

3. Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada


The pictures of this place are breathtaking, I can only imagine what it looks like in person, because pictures truly never do any justice.

4. Zurich, Switzerland


Growing up, the movie Heidi was my absolute favorite and since then, I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland, the mountains look gorgeous!

5. Los Angeles, California


I’ve been obsessed with LA since I started watching Keeping up with the Kardashians ( I know, I know) & secretly hoping I run into Khloe (we’d instantly become BFFS) & I’ve been a Tupac fan for years, so it’d be cool to experience a little California Love haha

6. New Orleans, Louisiana


I think New Orleans would be a blast, plus the food! Just thinking about the cajun food is making me hungry. Haha! & the beignets! I’ve never had one, but they look so delicious. New Orleans is a city with so much soul and culture.

7. Miami Beach, Florida


I’ve somehow never been to Miami even though I’ve been just about every other place in Florida. I’ll definitely be heading there in the next couple of months because my best friend and my nephews live there and she’s having another boy in just a few weeks, so I can’t wait to go visit.

8. Santorini, Greece


I mean how gorgeous is this place?! I don’t think I need to list any other reason to want to visit. Greece has always been on my bucket list and to swim in that clear blue water. 😍

9. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


My ancestry is from Ireland and I would love to learn more about it. These cliffs are gorgeous and definitely somewhere I’d like to go in the next year or two.

10. Bordeaux, France


Bordeaux, France is the wine capital of the world. Do I really need another reason to want to go?!

11. Dallas, Texas


I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan for as long as I can remember, actually my family has been for even longer. I have pictures of myself dressed in Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader costumes before I could walk. I’ve been to a few games on the East Coast, but I’d love to see them in AT&T Stadium.

  12. Bali, Indonesia


I’m obsessed with yoga, and the yoga studio that I regularly attended when I lived in Charlotte went on yoga retreat trips to Bali every year. I always thought that would be the most relaxing thing.

  13. Melbourne, Australia 


Australia is somewhere I’ve looked into going several times, but the flights are super expensive. I want to go snorkeling and hang out with kangaroos. And I love the Australian accents. Haha!

  14. Provence, France 


These lavender fields are so breathtaking that they don’t even look real. I bet they smell heavenly, as well. If you’ve noticed a few of these places on my list are in France, I absolutely adore all things France and I would love to just explore all the French cities for a few months.

  15. Houston, Texas


I’ve never been further than Oklahoma, so I would like to visit the states I’ve never been to. Houston is the Louis Vuitton capital of the US from what I’ve been told and I’m love to catch a Rockets game to watch James Harden. It would also be cool to see the city that Beyonce grew up in.

 16. San Francisco, California 


It seems like there is so much to do in The Bay, one of them being attending a Warriors game. I am a huge Klay Thompson fan and have watched him play several times, but I’d love to see them play at home. I definitely would like to take advantage of the beaches and some of the national parks.

  17. Chicago, Illinois


I’ve always wanted to take a selfie in the bean and see the view of Chicago from the Skydeck at Willis Tower. Also, my favorite food on the planet is pizza and I’ve never had a Chicago Style pizza.

  18. Denver, Colorado 


Denver seems so cool, with the perfect mix of city and mountain. I’ve always wanted to go skiing, even if I’ll probably fall on my face. I’m a big fan of craft beer, so I think that I’d truly enjoy this city.

  19. London, England


There was a restaurant in Charleston when I was growing up with 2 double decker busses built into the walls and you actually ate on the busses. I thought it was the coolest place ever, so I’ve always loved double decker busses since then. One of my favorite bloggers, Alyson Haley loves London and has a ton of great posts (that I’ve linked) that has made me want to visit.

  20. Scottsdale, Arizona


I’ve always wanted to go to the desert. I’ve heard about a lot of great shopping and fun restaurants in Scottsdale. I’d like to spend a few days exploring and hiking.

I know that it’s a lot of places and I definitely won’t get through them all this year, but I’m planning to get through all of them by my 30th birthday, so I can start a whole new list. There are quick a few places not on the list because I have already visited.

A few friends and I have decided to do girl’s trip every year and to visit a new place each time. I’m super excited to cross a few places off my list with them. I’m also trying to talk my parents into skipping Christmas presents next year and going on a trip instead. I’d rather make memories than have things.

If you’ve ever been to any of these places or have any other destination ideas, please leave a comment below. I’m always up for traveling.



**Disclaimer: these are NOT my photos and I DO NOT own the rights to them I found them all on google images and would love to give credit to the photographers if I can find them.**

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