Favorite Hair Products

So recently, I have started using a hair tool that has completely changed my life (well, at least my hair’s life lol). Anyone who knows me, knows how curly and frizzy my hair can get.


I mean, this is the day after an outdoor concert when it decided to pour the rain and this is what happens when I brush it. My hair is a hot mess.

Now back to the hair tool, it’s like a blowout at home. It’s AMAZING! It’s called the Hot Tools One- Step Blowout Hair Dryer .


There are several brands that have similar ones for a little cheaper, but I personally picked this one based on reviews and of course I wanted the all black one. It went better with everything else I own. Haha. It’s a super easy, quick, and inexpensive way to get a blowout from home. It gives a ton of volume and helps smooth out your hair and the results typically last me 3-4 days.


This is what my hair looks like as soon as I finish it, before styling. It feels soft and sleek! And it is so much easier for me to style.

These are a few of the hair products that I have been loving:


I highly recommend trying out this hair dryer, it definitely has helped my hair tremendously.






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