What’s in my Gym Bag?


If y’all are anything like me, working out makes me feel SO much better. I try to go to the gym 5-6 days a week. Each week I try to lift weights 3 days, do cardio 2-3 days, then do yoga/ hot yoga/ spinning 1 day. I wanted to put together a list of everything I keep in my gym bag.

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Makeup Wipes:

My favorite makeup wipes now come individually wrapped, perfect for travel and my gym bag.

Dry Shampoo:

Depending on what I’m doing after the gym, sometimes I wash my hair at the gym but I definitely can’t leave the gym without using my dry shampoo on the days I can’t.

Facial Mist:

This spray makes my face feel so refreshed after a good workout.

Hair Ties:

These are great and keep my hair super tight.

Tarte Brightening Moisturizer:

I like wearing this to the gym without any makeup on and putting it on afterwards. It makes my face glow.

Tarte BB Cream:

Most days I don’t put on any makeup after the gym, but this BB cream is great for the days that I do, it’s super light coverage but covers enough to run errands. Plus it has 30 SPF to keep your skin safe.

It Cosmetics Mascara:

This mascara makes my lashes look super long and natural, so it’s the perfect no makeup, makeup look.

Shower Wipes:

This shower wipes are awesome for the days that I don’t have time to shower directly after working out or my light yoga day workouts. They make you feel so clean and refreshed.


This isn’t my everyday deodorant, but I like the spray for after a shower at the gym. It’s definitely the easiest.

Towel Headband:

I wear these headbands in the shower for the days I’m not washing my hair and I use these to put on my makeup to keep the hair out of my face. They are great!

Shower Shoes:

I never step foot into a public shower without a good pair of shower shoes, I think for pretty obvious reasons. haha


Aerie Leggings¦Fabletics Long Sleeve Half Zip¦Quay Sunglasses¦

Adidas Shoes¦Similar Bag¦Similar Bag¦Similar Bag


If you all haven’t tried Fabletics yet, you need to! They have the best workout gear for such a great price. If you sign up now, they’re offering 2 pair of leggings for $24! That’s a huge savings. You can sign up through this Fabletics! link.


These are a few of my favorite items for my gym bag, but I’d love to hear if you all use anything else or have any other suggestions.




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