Favorite Designer Dupes

I love designer pieces as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s nice to find some affordable dupes (especially with those trendy items that will only be worn for a short period of time). I like splurging on items that I know are worth the money, items that I will wear over and over again. I always try to justify my big purchases by doing the math (Cost of item, divided by the amount of times that you will use the item, equals cost of each wear) to see if I will get my use out of the item. Sunglasses, for instance, I lose all the time; so until I learn to be responsible with them, I try not to spend more than $70 on. Haha


Shoe Dupes:

_102401637                           _12322046                       _101260981

Tory Burch Espadrilles                   Tory Burch Dupes                          Chloe Espadrille Wedge

_101919083                     s-l1600                            _102159288

Chloe Dupe                               Even Cheaper Chloe Dupe                         Chloe Black Bootie

Belk                     _12205238                            51068732

Chloe Bootie Dupe              Stuart Weitzman Strappy Sandal              Stuart Weitzman Dupe

Sunglass Dupes:

41026CPLB.38BH_1_CAO_2490                        OTL_II_BLCK_FADE_BROWN_FRONT_R2-FNL_1024x1024                        GG0148S-001

Celine Sunglasses                                      Celine Dupes                                  Gucci Sunglasses


Gucci Dupes

Bag Dupes:

470270_D4ZAG_8605_001_060_0000_Light-Sylvie-leather-mini-bag                         big-16851-0_1                       _10822861

Gucci Sylvie Mini                                      Gucci Dupe                                    Chloe Faye Leather

73020191_80                          _12186743                      0009_09802416_0098_f.jpg

Chloe Dupe                                               Chloe Drew                                          Chloe Dupe

Belt Dupes:

414516_AP00T_1000_001_100_0000_Light-Leather-belt-with-Double-G-buckle                                                                             0004_01021313_0098_f

Gucci Marmont Belt                                                                                                Gucci Dupe





Hope you all liked this list, these are just a few of my favorites, please comment and let me know if you have any others that I should check out!





*These pictures were taken directly from the websites; I do not own rights to them.*



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