25 in the City

So what do you do after you have 5 mental breakdowns over the thought of turning 25? I mean it’s a quarter of a century, halfway to 50, etc, etc, etc. I have had breakdown after breakdown this entire month. So what did I decide to do? Well I took a 4 day weekend with a few of my best friends to the City to get my mind off of things, and just as I figured, it took my mind off of how old I’m getting and I got to enjoy my favorite place on earth.

I have been going to NYC every year for the past 5 years and I went quite a bit with my parents when I was a kid. I still remember the very first time I saw the City in the distance, even at 7 I knew this place was special. Anyone that has ever visited NYC can tell you, you will never run out of things to do. As many times as I have been, I still find new things to do. So I have made a list of all of my favorite things to see and do while visiting NYC.

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Rockefeller Center: 

There is nothing more beautiful that NYC during Christmas, and part of that is the Rockefeller Center. Between the Ice skating, the tree, the lights, and all the other decorations, it truly is one of my favorite places in the City. If you visit the Rockefeller Center, definitely take the time out of your day to go to Top of the Rock, for some of the most beautiful views of the City. One side, you overlook Central Park and the other side overlooks the Empire State Building and Lower Manhattan. 



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Black Tap: 

Black Tap is one place that I’ve always wanted to visit, but hadn’t gotten to until this trip. My friends bought me one of their famous, ginormous milkshakes. Be warned, it took 3 of us to finish mine. They also have great burgers, I had the Veggie Burger.

DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections:

This was another place that have seen so many pictures and I have been dying to try. Who doesn’t love cookie dough. Nestled right around the block from NYU and Washington Square Park, but be prepared, there is always a line. We waited around 45 mins, but it was SO worth it. 

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Brooklyn Bridge:

The Brooklyn Bridge will always be another one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in the City. Unfortunately on this trip it was dark, rainy, and freezing cold, but the views were just as beautiful as always. I’ve walked across it in the morning, middle of the day, and at night and it’s always absolutely breathtaking.

Best Bagels & Coffee:

I love bagels a ridiculous amount, so I was in heaven with the 8,000 bagel shops. But this one was so good, they had so many options. Be prepared to stand in line, but what do you expect, it’s NYC. Lol It’s worth the wait. My favorite is the Lox Bagel and I got extremely excited when I saw this sign. Haha.

I also did a lot of shopping, drank a lot of Starbucks, and ate a lot of pizza. I didn’t take any pictures of the amount of pizza we ate in 3 days, because y’all would judge. Hard. Haha. And I wanted to just share a few pictures of my friends.

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And here are a few outfit details. I’ll link them all.

Gucci Belt ¦Similar ¦Similar Pink Jacket  ¦ Oversized Olive Top ¦Black Jeans ¦Over the Knee Boots ¦ Tory Burch Crossbody ¦Similar Gucci Bag ¦Affordable Black Crossbody

Let me know some of your favorite places to visit in the City, it will give me some ideas for my next trip in 2 weeks.



“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.”                                                                                                                        -Tom Wolfe



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