Favorite Beauty Products

Favorite Beauty Products


For the past 3 years, I’ve totally fallen in love with beauty products. Makeup was definitely the first thing to steal my heart in the beauty department,  but in the last year, I’ve tried to expand and learn about a ton of different products. One of my newest obsessions are skin care. The older I have gotten, the more I have learned that you have to take care of yourself, inside and outside. Things such as sunscreen, moisturizer, vitamins, and facial wash are a few things that I never leave the house without. I’ve picked out my top 7 high-end products for today’s post.
       This perfume has been my ride or die since it first came out. My mom bought it for me for Christmas when I was in probably 9th grade, and since then I have always kept a couple of bottles stocked up. I’ve tried most of Marc Jacobs Fragrances and I like them all, Divine Decadence is one of my most recent favorites, but there is just something about Daisy that I always come back to.
      If you google “best foundation,” the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation will instantly pop up. Sephora’s website describes it as “A lightweight liquid foundation that achieves a radiant, silky finish,” and I couldn’t have said it any better myself. It also comes in a wide range of colors and it’s a super lightweight, full coverage foundation.
      I have naturally fine, curly hair, and the humidity of West Virginia and North Carolina definitely doesn’t help me out in the hair department. When I add just a few drops of this moroccanoil, it instantly calms the frizz and makes my hair so unbelievably soft without leaving that oily feeling that most hair oils do.
      This primer has over 40,000 loves from the Sephora website, and I definitely know why. Out of all of the primers that I have tried this is the one that I just can’t live without. It is infused with 5 different types of coconut to not only prime your skin, but to also moisturize it as well. I have combination skin, but I do tend to get dry in the winter and this primer helps make sure to keep that flaky skin away.
      I have tried so, so, so many different concealers without finding any that stand above the rest, until I found this concealer. I love watching youtube videos, and so many youtubers were raving about this amazing concealer, I just had to try it. I have tried Tarte’s other concealers without much success, but I am so glad that I tried this one. There are 14 different shades and the formula is super blendable and lightweight. This is an Ulta exclusive product.
      Like I said above, I have recently started really getting into learning about skin care. I’m a little reluctant on trying new products because I have a sensitive face, especially when it comes to serums. I subscribe to Sephora Play (it’s Sephora’s version of the Ipsy bag or Birchbox, $10 a month and they send you 5 AMAZING samples, customized to what you like) it’s the best I’ve subscribed to so far, and this serum was in it for the month of August. I tried it out as soon as I opened my package. I’ve never tried anything that made my face so soft and my skin glow quite like this did.
      I’m completely obsessed with sheet masks, even if they make me look like an alien. I have a few brands that I really like, but I always seem to go straight for the Dr. Jart+ ones. There are so many to choose from. A few of my personal favorites are the Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal, the Brightening Infusion, and the Water Replenishment. But, like I said, they all work really well.
I hope you all love these products as much as I do. I have linked everything in titles, making it as easy as possible to find these great products. In one of my next couple of posts, I am going to list some of my favorite drug store products, and trust me I have a ton of those. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend.



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